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Ichijou Takuma
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Name: Ichijou Takuma
Height: 6'0"
Hair Colour: Canary Blond
Eye Colour: Springtime green or Red when hungry/feeding/injured/angry/etc
Lineage: Noble Vampire|| Class B
Family: Grandfather (deceased) Mother;ikebana school owner and Father;actor (estranged)
Friends: (listed in order of closeness) Kuran Kaname, Senri Shiki, Touya Rima, Akatsuki Kain, Hanabusa Aidou, Souen Ruka, Seiren, Kuran Yuuki.

Likes: Manga, tea, mystery novels, reading dictionaries, collecting odd things, getting into random hobbies, Rakugo, socializing with friends, etc.

Dislikes: Violence, fighting, tense situations

Morals: Won't bite/attack humans unless they've given their consent and they absolutely KNOW what they're doing. Unless the human has proven that they can accept him knowing that he's a vampire, he will not openly tell that he is such.

Soul Campaign things:
Meister Ability: Soul Boost--When wielding their weapon, their physical prowess is doubled, allowing them to move faster, hit harder, and jump higher.

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